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Tiny Hotel | a grand escape in Noord Brabant

→ This article was written in collaboration with Tiny Hotel. We got to stay here for free, in exchange for content. Of course you can read our own opinion here! 

If you love yourself a country-style home surrounded by nature and farmhouse animals, this is the perfect place for you. At the Tiny Hotel in Noord-Brabant, you can relax by the campfire or take a dip in their self-heated hot tub.
A modern farmhouse

Located in Nistelrode, this modern little farmhouse is a completely equipped, Scandinavian-decorated cottage. Among other things, you will find a stocked kitchen and bathroom, bedrooms with fresh linens, and a living-room area that will make you want to cuddle up with a nice cup of tea.

The kitchen is particularly impressive, so make sure you go grocery shopping ahead of time! It’s a great environment for a nice home-cooked meal. Among the great appliances available, you’ll also find basic amenities such as salt, pepper, oil, dish soap, etc. If you are a coffee lover like we are, you’ll be delighted to learn they have a Nespresso coffee machine as well as a filter coffee machine — so choose which dose of caffeine you’d prefer to get energized for your fun-filled stay!

The outside

Just like the inside, the outside is also impressive. Here you can build a blazing campfire on your private terrace. For an additional 65 euros, they also have a five-person, self-heating hot tub. This is such a unique experience because you get to heat the tub yourself via the connected wood stove. Don’t worry, the owners are also around to help if needed! Plus, the reward is totally worth it. Just imagine the view of the stars from this private plunge bath.

Another great outdoor activity you can do is have a barbecue! The use of the charcoal BBQ is free, but they do not offer supplies. So you’ll have to bring your own equipment and pick up your meat, fish, and veggies of choice ahead of time. Totally worth it!

Animal lovers

For our animal lovers, you’ll be happy to learn they have rabbits, a cute pig named Lou Lou, and a coop of lovely silkie chickens. While you’re wandering around the land, you’ll even find yourself within an eye-shot of some beautiful horses roaming. Two of our favorite friends were the owners’ dogs! They greeted us every time we went outside with warm tail wags and enthusiasm to play.

Fun fact: you are welcome to enjoy some of the eggs that are freshly laid every day!

The area

If you are looking to explore the area, you’ll also find there are tons of fun things to do in this cozy town in Noord-Brabant. Including, but not limited to, taking in the lush nature, visiting the flour mill Windlust, go-karting, or checking out one of Nistelrode’s nine national monuments! For our bike enthusiasts, renting a bike is possible via, Fietsplus Rini. The owners are happy to help you out with this if needed.

Finally, after a day filled with fun, when you return to the Tiny Hotel, you’ll find yourself in an atmosphere perfect for unwinding.

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