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Hi there! Welcome to chapter fernweh, where our wanderlust guides us through the charming tapestries of Europe’s capitals and their surrounding wonders. Initially we were focused on unearthing all the hidden gems in Central and Eastern Europe, because I, Kiki, found my heart drawn to the captivating allure of the Balkans. From the picturesque landscapes of Croatia to the enchanting corners of Slovenia, my love for this region grew exponentially with each visit. As every traveler knows, our journey is never a solo one. That’s why I have brought in my girl Jazzie to be my partner in travel and help me out! With an editorial prowess that fuels our HTSPT city guides and a family tree that traces back to a Slovenian grandmother, Jazzie brings her unique zest and perspectives to our shared dream.

With time, our wanderlust knew no bounds. And so, we decided to take on a grander quest – a journey through all the vibrant capitals and their hidden gems across Europe. Our mission? To unwrap the fascinating layers of each destination, ignite fellow wanderers’ imaginations, and rediscover ourselves as we embrace the mysteries of our thirties.

- Jazzie and Kiki

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