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After years of doubting, I – Kiki – finally started a platform about travel. My friends would always travel en masse to France, Italy or Spain. My family, however, took me to the east of Europe. I think my love for Central and Eastern Europe grew from those days. Because even now, I choose to spend my holidays there. Since 2013 I find myself constantly returning to the Balkans: including Croatia – thanks to a good friend with a house there, eternally grateful – and Slovenia. Although Croatia is now a well-visited holiday destination among the Dutch, you can still find a lot of hidden gems in the rest of the Balkans.

Though the task is noble, it is not an easy one. That’s why I have brought in my girl Jazzie to be my partner and help me out! Jazzie is our English editor in chief for our HTSPT city guides, so not only do I admire her work, but I also thought it was a great coincidence she has Balkan roots! Her grandmother is Slovenian, so she brings a lot of perspective and enthusiasm to the project! Who doesn’t like a story of self discovery? Together we are exploring the most fantastic parts of the Balkans. Our hope? To inspire and show you all the great things the Balkan Peninsula has to offer!

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Jazzie en Kiki

Jazzie and Kiki


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