Blog Island Cabin | spending the night on an island paradise in Rotterdam

Island Cabin | spending the night on an island paradise in Rotterdam

→ This article was written in collaboration with Island Cabin. We got to stay here for free, in exchange for content. Of course you can read our own opinion here! 

We love the city, but occasionally, we yearn for an escape from its frenetic pace. Given the current constraints on international travel, we discovered a small, hidden paradise in one of South Holland's most modern cities —Rotterdam. Bas and Reinout's Island Cabin proved to be the perfect hideaway.

Anticipation for this city outing was palpable! Just a few months ago, we were unaware of the islands in the Bergse Achterplas, and now we harbor a genuine desire for our own cabin in this peat lake. After a visit, you’d likely share the same sentiment. 😉

A pedal boat journey

Reaching the location involves a pedal boat journey to the small island, situated on the northern outskirts of the city, approximately 15 minutes by bike from the center. For non-cyclists, street parking is available, and public transport enthusiasts can conveniently find a tram stop near the pedal boat launch. Yes, you read that right — pedal boat! A dark green pedal boat serves as your final mode of transport to the island, involving a somewhat rickety scaffold crossing — an adventure in itself. After about 5 minutes (or a bit longer if you, like us, struggle with mastering the boat), you arrive at the beautifully crafted wooden cabin, far from ramshackle. This splendid vacation home boasts tasteful decor and full amenities.

Perfect hideout

In late August ’20, Bas and Reinout took possession of their island cabin, constructed in ’18. Living amidst the hustle of the city center, near the popular Witte de With street, the cabin serves as their perfect hideout. Imagine, such tranquility and nature just a short distance from home. While one might expect them to keep this secret to themselves, Bas and Reinout generously chose to share this heavenly spot with everyone! If you’re already convinced and eager to book an outing, you can do so here. 😉

A well-equipped cabin

The cabin, as mentioned, is exceptionally well-equipped. A spacious kitchen with a breakfast bar, an eye-catching statement plant, and a cozy lounge sofa with its own home cinema await you. The kitchen is stocked with everything you could need, from a drawer full of herbs to a sizable dishwasher. The cabin accommodates four people with two double bedrooms, each with access to the expansive bathroom. Concerned about the cold? Fear not! The house features floor heating and a wood-burning stove, providing absolute coziness.

Outdoor space

The outdoor space encompasses a 100m² deck, which, despite changeable weather during our visit, had a sunny spot all day long! In hot weather, shade is easily found though. As night falls, it transforms into a delightful spot for enjoying a glass of wine by the wood-burning stove. What better way to start the day than in the morning sun, sipping coffee on a lounge sofa with birds serenading around you? In warmer weather, the hammock is ideal — unfortunately, it was a tad too chilly for that in mid-April.

Cruise the lake with an electric sloop

For an additional €60 per day, you can also rent an electric sloop. Eager to try it out, we spent a bit of time figuring out how to navigate before relishing the tranquility of the lake. In summer, you can even take a refreshing dip straight from the boat or deck! After a few hours outdoors and on the water, we changed into loungewear, lit the fireplace, and enjoyed a movie.

The beauty and tranquility of the Bergse Achterplas were truly delightful. If you somehow find the urge to leave the island (though doubtful), reaching the town is a breeze. Could it get any more perfect?

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