Blog SWEETS hotel | from Amsterdam bridge houses to unique hotel suites

SWEETS hotel | from Amsterdam bridge houses to unique hotel suites

→ This article was written in collaboration with SWEETS hotel. We got to stay here for free, in exchange for content. Of course you can read our own opinion here! 

Did you know that SWEETS hotel has transformed 28 iconic bridge keeper’s houses into mini-hotel suites for two? This unique way to explore Amsterdam can be found in various, sometimes lesser-known, locations across the city. Each location offers a spectacular view of Amsterdam's waterways!
The concept

This innovative hotel concept is perfect for those seeking an Amsterdam experience from a bridge. What better way to acquaint yourself with the Dutch capital than to trade the conventional large hotel for your own petite suite with the city as your lobby? With a diverse range of locations, from serene residential areas to more vibrant central spots, there’s a perfect spot for everyone. These cottages serve as an excellent starting point to uncover hidden gems in less-explored neighborhoods. The 28 iconic tiny hotel rooms, connected by canals, pay homage to Amsterdam’s significance, highlighting the importance of water for this former trading city. It’s not just a special experience for tourists but also for us locals!

Bridge keeper's houses

Surprisingly, these houses were once occupied by bridge keepers who waited inside to operate the bridges. Centralization rendered bridge keepers unnecessary, and these houses—each designed by well-known architects—lost their original purpose. By converting them into mini-suites, SWEETS has breathed new life into this incredible industrial heritage. The oldest transformed house dates back to 1673, while the most recent one is from 2009. The range of dates reflects the diverse architectural styles at each location, each narrating a unique story. To complement their external distinctions, each suite boasts a specifically designed interior!

Location Buiksloterdraaibrug

The 28 tiny sweets are scattered across special locations throughout the city. This not only alleviates the pressure on the city center but also encourages exploration of different areas in Amsterdam. This is fantastic news for those who love discovering new places! Given the multitude of options, each with its own style, making a choice can be challenging. SWEETS’ website features a map displaying all locations. Clicking on a house reveals more information and photos for each spot. After careful consideration, we selected No. 103 — Buiksloterdraaibrug in North. Designed in 1984 by Ingenieursbureau Amsterdam (IBA) following structuralism, this architectural style is closely related to small-scale buildings. The structuralists believed that a building should facilitate human activities and promote social interaction. A logical choice in this context, don’t you think? 

Idyllic Amsterdam North

Having never explored Amsterdam North thoroughly, we were pleasantly surprised by the neighborhood. This little hotel room is perhaps situated in the most idyllic area of the city. Along the street are picturesque houses with a historic Dutch character. A beautiful lake surrounded by greenery and an 18th-century mill completes the picturesque scene. We highly recommend the location alone!


This particular house is easily accessible by public transport. From metro station Noord, it’s about a kilometer walk — an enjoyable stroll through a lovely neighborhood! Given the hotel rooms are spread across the city, there is no central reception. Consequently, everything is entirely self-service. Upon arrival, a clear email is sent, providing a personal code to unlock the house. All you need is a smartphone with Bluetooth, and you’re good to go. Easy-peasy!

Minimalist hotel room

As seen in the pictures, the exterior of the house may not blend seamlessly with the idyllic surroundings. However, the interior is impressive! Clever utilization of limited square meters aligns with the popular Tiny House Movement. Our minimalist 14m² hotel room features a Japanese-inspired interior (absolutely beautiful!). Thanks to the large windows, there’s an unobstructed view over a small lake, making the room appear more spacious than it is. Although the space is compact, the design allows you to move around freely. It is efficiently furnished, with everything centrally located — spacious double bed, kitchen, and bathroom. The latter two are discreetly integrated into a large block. Open the doors on one side to access the bathroom and on the other for a small ‘kitchenette’ stocked with essentials. While you can’t cook in this cozy space, numerous dining options are available in the area. In the summer months, the terrace in front of the house makes for a perfect spot for a waterside picnic.

The next morning: breakfast!

For just €35, an extensive breakfast can be delivered to your door! Alternatively, a tablet is provided with recommendations for exploring the neighborhood. Unfortunately, we had limited time in the morning due to content creation, so we opted for delivery. The tablet also offers Netflix and digital newspapers.

Something for everyone

Whether you’re a light sleeper, an avid reader, or a cooking enthusiast, there’s a house for everyone. Opt for a house in a quiet neighborhood for peaceful sleep, choose #206 ‘Amstelschutsluis’ for more space and a private island experience, or head to the center for a bustling atmosphere. Though the sweets may be small, the concept is undeniably grand. We are already planning our next booking!

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