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Cuber Veluwe Outdoor Suites | where nature meets luxury

→ This article was written in collaboration with Cuber Suites. We got to stay here for free, in exchange for content. Of course you can read our own opinion here! 

Looking to kick back and become one with nature? Cuber Veluwe might be just the place for you. Their innovative suites located amidst the green foliage of Gelderland have been designed for you to experience nature without ever having to get out of bed.

The Netherlands is a small and densely populated country. Therefore, it’s always a treat to escape to a nature reserve and take a break from the fast-paced life. Cuber Veluwe offers detached Outdoor Suites, with breathtaking views, a spacious terrace and external fireplace.

Cube Houses

The outdoor suites are indeed cube-shaped. Although they look industrial from a distance, their walls are actually made of glass facades! This provides the feeling of being outdoors even when you are relaxing in your living room. Additionally, inside you’ll find luxurious features such as a rain shower under a skylight, a complete kitchen, and a king-size bed with a picturesque view.

Fun fact: if you are in need of fresh air, you can actually open the facades completely. Imagine the window view turning into your surroundings in the blink of an eye. Doesn’t get much better than that!


At Cuber, design and technology are symbiotic. Prior to arrival, you will gain access to their very own app, where you are able to control the lights, curtains, doors, and heating with the swipe of a finger. You’ll also be paired with a personal guide based on your interests, available for you to contact via the app’s messaging feature. Their job is to answer any questions you may have and make sure your stay is an extraordinary experience.

The Landscape

If you are looking for memorable moments, you’ll easily find them within this landscape. There are hidden gems around every corner. Think hiking and cycling trails, an outdoor hot tub and a wide array of delicious restaurants just a small journey away. Here, you go back to the basics and remember what life is worth living for.


Although this may seem like the perfect summer escape,  this is actually a great choice no matter the season! Our visit happened to be in December and because of the pine trees and snowfall, we had the magical experience of watching the landscape change into a winter wonderland. Furthermore, thanks to the unique feature of having glass facades as walls, we could keep warm and dry the entire time!

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  1. Cosette says:

    Oh, I love the Veluwe. It was were I went on vacation almost each Summer with my parents. These cubed suites look amazing.

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