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Blog Fort Bakkerskil | a unique bed and breakfast in a real-life fort

Fort Bakkerskil | a unique bed and breakfast in a real-life fort

→ This article was written in collaboration with Fort Bakkerskil. We got to stay here for free, in exchange for content. Of course you can read our own opinion here! 

When you hear the word, 'fort,' the first thing that comes to mind is probably not beautifully decorated interiors, warm hospitality, or a perfect cozy getaway. However, that is exactly what you'll get when you visit Noord-Brabant's unique bed and breakfast - Fort Bakkerskil.

Fort Bakkerskil was built around 1878 to protect the nearby Papsluis. It is a trapezoidal fort with bombproof barracks covered in earth and surrounded by a moat. It didn’t see combat during either World Wars but was used as an internment camp for NSB members and female collaborators known as, ‘moffenmeiden,’ after WW2. Moffenmeiden, also known as, ‘kraut girls,’ were women who were believed to have had relationships with Nazi soldiers during the war. In the Netherlands, they even went as far as to shave off the hair of the women accused. In a few rooms, you can still find the scribblings etched into the walls left behind by these prisoners (pictured above). After 1951, the fort was no longer used for military purposes and in 2012 it was renovated into the beautiful B&B it is today.

Our room

When we arrived at Fort Bakkerskil we were welcomed with a warm cup of coffee and even warmer hospitality. The owner walked us around, above, and throughout the fort and even gave us access to explore other rooms aside from our own! Although the outside is exactly how one would picture a fort to look like, the inside was a pleasant surprise. Our room, Remise A, was two stories. In the past, the top floor was used to store two cannons while the cannonballs were prepared on the ground floor. Nowadays, you’ll find that the first floor has yellow and navy highlights, a big comfy bed, and a modern bathroom. The second floor has a stunning arch window, a living room, a dining area, fully functional kitchen, a stocked fridge, and a beautiful view of the bridge and moat.

Other rooms

Fort Bakkerskil has a total of six rooms available year-round, each with its own unique characteristics. We wished we could have explored every single one of them, but fortunately, we couldn’t because they were booked with guests. We did, however, get to explore the Kruitkamers (Powder Rooms) ! You wouldn’t believe these incredible rooms, perfect for families, were once used to store 167 barrels of gunpowder but they were. It is such a rare experience, to be able to sleep in the very chambers that played an important role in history while simultaneously enjoying comforts comparable to home.


One of the best things about this particular B&B was the warm hospitality you receive from everyone who works there. Not only did we get a friendly hello whenever we came across someone new, but the owners even invited us to a home-cooked dinner! Although I’m sure they would have loved to have us there physically (during non-pandemic times), they respected the covid-19 rules and delivered us a deliciously warm and tasty pasta with tiramisu for dessert. Sure, we’d like to think we were a special exception for this treatment, but no! On their website, they welcome anyone to some of their home-cooked dinners. As if breakfast wasn’t generous enough! That’s just hospitality you can’t put a price on.


If you love a traditional Dutch breakfast with a variety of bread, cheeses, hard-boiled eggs, a selection of cold cuts, fruit, and freshly squeezed orange juice – boy, will you enjoy the breakfast here! Delivered to your door at a previously selected time, we couldn’t imagine a more perfect morning. We had more than enough to kick-start our day.

Top of the fort

You are always welcome to explore the top of the fort, and what a special experience that is! *To my fort enthusiasts pardon my lack of correct terminology here. The roof of the fort is covered in grass and what looks like hills all around. I’d imagine this was used as protective coverage for soldiers. From up here, you also get a spectacular panoramic view of the moat and surrounding land. It really is quite breathtaking. 

For my camping lovers, Fort Bakkerskil is offering something new starting this year (2021)! Throughout the summer – from June to September – you can rent a pop-up tent for two: The Bell Teepee Tent. This is especially cool because you get to pitch your camp ON TOP of the fort. Sure there isn’t electricity, running water, or wifi, but imagine what the stars would look like on a clear summer night. Plus access to showers and facilities is a really short walk away. I know I definitely want to come back to experience it.

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