Blog De Karnemelkplaats | overnight stay in an igluhut in Callantsoog

De Karnemelkplaats | overnight stay in an igluhut in Callantsoog

→ This article was written in collaboration with De Karnemelkplaats. We got to stay here for free, in exchange for content. Of course you can read our own opinion here! 

Picture yourself enjoying a breathtaking panoramic view of the countryside while your feet sink into the sands of Callantsoog beach, just a 10-minute walk away. Sounds fantastic, doesn't it? But wait, it gets even better. You can experience all of this while staying in an 'igluhut' at the mini-campsite, De Karnemelkplaats!

After we first saw the cute huts on social media, we were already convinced: we had to go here! So off we went to this beautiful seaside resort in North Holland. We spent the night on Texel, and after a ferry crossing and a taxi ride – with a very enthusiastic driver – we were at the farm in no time.

The location

Karnemelkplaats is nestled between two villages: Callantsoog and Groote Keeten – in the heart of nowhere. In 2005, the dairy farm underwent a remarkable transformation into a splendid holiday resort, offering an opportunity to immerse oneself in the midst of pristine nature. The North Holland dunes are just a 10-minute stroll away, making it an ideal destination, particularly during the summer months.

(I was quite curious about the origin of the name myself. After extensive Google research, I speculate it may have something to do with the location from which English sailors departed during the war. The name likely stems from an old tradition: when the milk was churned and the butter skimmed off, a flag was raised to signal to the less fortunate that they could collect buttermilk for free! Feel free to correct me if I’m mistaken.)

Upon arrival

Never before have we been greeted with such enthusiasm as we were here. We hadn’t even stepped out of the taxi when owner Wilfred approached us, waving energetically. He immediately launched into a passionate description of their campsite, and we were treated to an extensive tour.


While our hearts were set on staying in one of their new igluhuts, the campsite boasts several other remarkable options. For those who prefer a more traditional experience, there are cozy spots on the southern end where you can pitch your own camping gear. For those seeking a touch of luxury, there are several guest houses to choose from. 😉 It’s the perfect blend of camping and glamping. You can opt for de Zoute Bries, de Jutter, ‘t Staartstuk, or – my personal favorite – ‘t Paradijsje! The latter is a charmingly nostalgic Swedish caravan from 1967, tucked away under a shelter in what might just be the campsite’s most picturesque corner. How delightful is that?

De Zoute Bries is a renovated old workman’s shed, exuding the ambiance of yesteryears with its aged granite countertops and cheeseboard flooring! The original structure, including the toilet, has been preserved intact. The wooden house, De Jutter, is tastefully furnished in a beachcomber’s style, perfectly complementing its coastal setting. With its inviting warmth and a private garden spanning 200m², it’s a true gem. ‘t Staartstuk, on the other hand, is a spacious two-story house. Downstairs, you’ll find the living room, kitchen, and a bathroom complete with a roll-top bath, while upstairs boasts a fantastic sleeping loft. It’s a perfect reflection of the beach atmosphere that permeates the entire site!

The igluhuts

Finally, let’s delve into the igluhuts – because I know that’s what you’re eagerly anticipating! Karnemelkplaats proudly holds the distinction of being the first location in the Netherlands to offer these charming huts equipped with kitchen and bathroom facilities. Since March 2021, guests have had the opportunity to experience a stay in one of the three unique tiny houses: De Keet, De Hut, and The Boet. During our visit, we spent two nights in The Boet, nestled in the back corner of Karnemelkplaats, closest to the sea. Yes!

Situated on the periphery of the site, the three cottages each boast their own relatively spacious outdoor area complete with a picnic table. Thanks to clever fencing, guests enjoy ample privacy while relishing stunning views of the farmlands and dunes. What truly sets these accommodations apart is their extraordinary design. The semi-circular, wooden cabins harmonize seamlessly with the natural surroundings, and thoughtful insulation ensures comfort even during chilly Dutch nights, making them a year-round haven.

While each cabin boasts a unique layout and design, all are tailored for two occupants. Inside, you’ll find a cozy double box bed, curtains for added privacy, a compact dining area with chairs, a comfortable seating arrangement, a well-equipped kitchenette, and a surprisingly spacious bathroom. Every essential for a delightful stay has been meticulously provided, with space maximized to its fullest potential. The igluhuts’ distinctive shape and strategically placed windows create an ambiance of unparalleled coziness, especially during the enchanting moments of sunrise and sunset! 

The surroundings

Karnemelkplaats is enveloped by natural beauty, situated adjacent to a picturesque, undulating dune landscape amidst fields – the De Nollen van Abbestede nature reserve. For avid birdwatchers, this location is a veritable paradise, teeming with ducks, geese, waders, terns, and gulls. If you prefer the company of fellow beachgoers, you’ll find bustling beach pavilions in Callantsoog.

Despite already enjoying a splendid view from our igluhut, our hearts longed to explore the beach. Fortunately, we were just a wooden bridge, a brief stroll across the neighboring land, and a scramble over the dunes away from the sea! Truly, in less than 10 minutes, you can find yourself dipping your toes into the North Sea. A word of advice: keep a close eye on the tide, as we found ourselves unexpectedly marooned on a sandbank… oops!


Regrettably, our second day was marred by dismal weather, with relentless rain persisting throughout. Nonetheless, we found solace and enjoyment within the confines of our cozy cabin. Should you find yourself longing for entertainment, fear not – the so-called ‘coffee house’ awaits, offering a selection of games and books for your enjoyment. There’s no room for boredom here!

Within the coffee house, you’ll also discover a wealth of resources, including a table laden with cycling routes, brochures, and maps. It serves as the perfect hub for embarking on cycling adventures, leisurely strolls, or beach excursions along the North Holland coast. As a delightful bonus, they provide a covered bicycle shed equipped with charging points for electric bicycles!

Waking up in De Boet was an absolute delight. Having savored a breathtaking sunset the night before, the morning serenade of chirping and singing birds added the perfect finishing touch to our holiday experience. It was truly enjoyable!


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